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Two Animators! LLP (2A!) is a full-service animation production and development studio.

We love creating fun and engaging animations!

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2A! Demo Reel


Our demo reel highlights the diverse range of projects we’ve worked on over the years, including: television series, animated shorts and music videos, corporate training and explainer videos, commercial spots, online games and virtual worlds, mobile apps and more.

Watch our reel and see how many different samples you can spot!

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About 2A!

Meet the Co-founders

Co-founded in 2001 by brothers Tom Costantini and Joe Costantini, Two Animators! LLP is a full-service animation production and development studio. For over 23 years we’ve been delivering quality, engaging animation to clients around the world.

Here at 2A! we love all forms of animation, but specialize in hand-drawn 2D animation utilizing both puppet and traditional techniques. Whether it’s a colorful cartoon for children, a graphically-styled corporate training video, or a grittier-styled comedy for grown-ups, we have the ability to adjust our style and tone to fit your production needs.

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Our Clients Have Included...

20th Century Fox, Mattel, Pokémon, Meat Loaf, AOL, Colgate-Palmolive, USDA, American Greetings, MTV, College Humor, Rockstar Games, Mezco Toyz, The Rock Group YES, McGraw-Hill, Arkansas Department of Health, Bleacher Report and many others.

MTV Fox Mattel Fine Bros Wunderman McGrawHill Rockstar Games Pokemon AOL Colgate College Humor USDA Bleacher Report Arkansas

Our team of highly talented and experienced artists are ready to help you bring your ideas to life!

Our Work

Animated Projects

Whether we’re just animating established characters or creating brand new characters and the worlds they inhabit, we’ve had the opportunity to work on some great projects! We’ve also been lucky enough to draw some of the most recognizable brands in the world, including: SpongeBob SquarePants, Barbie, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Pokémon, Mickey Mouse and more.

Check out our samples below and see if you can spot any of those iconic characters we mentioned. Or look for a fresh face that you’ve never seen before and let us know what you think. Each category has unique samples so be sure to view them all!

Our Services

From Concept To Final Production

2A! can help you take your idea from initial concept all the way to final production. We love creating animated characters, worlds and storylines, and can help transform your ideas into fully developed IPs (Intellectual Properties) ready for pitching, producing or selling. Whether were creating a series bible or developing the visual look for your animated project, our team of talented artists will walk you through each step in our creative process.

IP Development

The first step in our process is always creating a great concept. Who are the characters? What do they look like? What type of story are we trying to tell the audience? All these questions and more are addressed in this stage.

  • Story Development
  • Visual Design & Development
  • One Sheet
  • Pitch Package / Story Bible


This is the phase where we further develop your ideas and start planning the production.

  • Scheduling
  • Script Writing
  • Additional Visual Design
  • Casting
  • Voice Over Recording
  • Storyboards / Animatics


This is when the real fun starts and all our meticulous planning in the development and pre-productions stages starts to come to life!

  • Character Keys
  • Character Animation
  • Prop/Effects Animation
  • Background Layouts / Painting
  • Music Composition


This is the final stage and includes editing, color correction, and the addition of music and sound design before the final render.

  • Editing
  • Audio Composite
  • Sound Design / Effects
  • Mixing
  • Final Render

Now it’s time to share your animation with the world!

Gridiron Heights Teen Titans MTV Pokemon Whiteboard Homer Simpson SpongeBob TipiTom Nesquik Bunny
"Tom is a hard-working, versatile, smart producer of animation who understands budgets, deadlines and working collaboratively with creators. Had a great experience working with him on the MTV series FOOTBALL U with Nick Cannon.” JUDE HARRIS, VP, MTV Other Network
"I have worked with Tom at Two Animators on a few projects over the last 3+ years and he has consistently created outstanding animations for our programs! The animations always turn out better than expected and he is wonderful to work with!” JESSI WALKER, DESIGN LEAD, MCGRAW-HILL EDUCATION
"Two Animators! produced some of the most brilliant shorts from ILL-ustrated. Whenever we had an especially tricky or complex short to animate for the show, we always looked to them to make it great." BOB CESCA, CREATOR, VH1 ILL-USTRATED TV SERIES

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Our Process


Even after all the design and development work of pre-production is done, animation can still be a lengthy and complicated process. Fear not though, because we’ve broken things down into a few essential steps to make the process flow easier. We base our deliverables around these steps so we can easily keep our clients updated on the progress of their animation.

This video will walk you through the basic stages of our animation process. Enjoy!

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